Monday, March 30, 2009

As it should be

Ah... the first dirty little feet of spring. I love this time of year. Everything is budding and blossoming and growing, and we have a little guy who is experiencing it all for the first time. So lovely to put his pudgy little feet on the warm asphalt for the first time and hear his "Oh!" of pleased surprise.
And to make the "outside world" even more wonderful, it seems the Monarch butterflies have chosen our back yard to fly over during their annual migration. There are literally about 10 butterflies fluttering overhead at any given moment. Can you see them? It feels almost magical out there!
A couple of really cute boys on a farm in the California hills. Seriously - I am such a lucky mommy!


Jen Mc. said...

Yes, the butterflies! So, I thought it was just that our blossoming tree must be magical or something! I couldn't believe how many were flying in and out of the blossoms...then the kids and I took a marathon walk, and Keefe noticed a butterfly on the sidewalk that allowed us to study it for four or five minutes. Poor little thing was missing the little secondary wing (and yes, we are now butterfly experts after the lengthy study). It felt very amazing!

Suzanne said...

Yes you are... lucky indeed.

I keep waiting for the warm weather out here to stick. It still snows every other night. =( It melts by lunchtime, but still... I can't wait for dirty feet here. Can't wait.

emgray said...

Love the dirty foot shot! Adorable!!