Monday, March 23, 2009

Introducing the Deluxe Mini

The other day I wound up with three hours during the day TO MYSELF, and this is what I did with my time. I've been wanting to make an all cotton version of the security blankets I offer in my shop (no minkee backing, which I know can be irritating to some babies with very sensitive skin). So the deluxe mini baby quilt was born - it's a little bit bigger than the security blankets and is square shaped, rather than rectangular. And it was FUN to make - there will definitely be more coming to the shop. (Though I can't imagine the stars will align again any time soon allowing me such a huge block of free time!)


Jen Mc. said...

Keefe just looked at this photo and said, "That is beautiful. We should get that one time." :)

Great work!!

Renee said...

Beautiful!! I am glad you found a little time! I refer people to your shop all the time! Your re-decorating is very pretty too! And your boys are adorable...two beautiful blessings! Have a great day!