Thursday, March 26, 2009

Twain Harte

That look on that adorable face is EXACTLY why we took this trip. The entire trip was precipitated by Moses telling Brett that winter is his favorite season because of the snow. He decided then and there that we needed to hit the slopes one more time before the season was over. We took our friends the McCarthys and had a BLAST playing and relaxing - the perfect combination of people and activities.
We ended up at Pine Crest Lake which was only partly full of water, the rest being full of snow! The men folk hit the snow right away... actually, so did Jen and the ever-amiable baby Elle. It was a little tricky figuring out what to do with a 4 month old in the snow, but I managed pretty well: he napped in the car while I read my book in the front seat. When he finally woke up, we ventured out to watch a bit of sledding, eat a few chocolate chip cookies (I ran up and down the snowy hill a few times to make myself feel better about the cookies), and then headed back to the car and straight to the pizza parlor (where I nullified all afore-mentioned running). Pretty darn great.
The end of the day was full of the usual post-snow activities: changing into warm dry clothes (doesn't that feel so great?!?!), eating a great dinner, making s'mores outside, then bath, books, and bed. A great way to say goodbye to winter and enjoy a super fun vacation that is only 2 hours away from home. Thanks for coming with us McCarthys!!!


Jen Mc. said...

Are you kidding?! Thanks for having us!!! What an amazingly gorgeous weekend!!! We had the best time!

emgray said...

Looks like a great time. And your family photo is adorable! Thanks for sharing.

Suzanne said...

I keep saying goodbye to winter, but it doesn't seem to be listening to me. Your boys are super cute, all bundled. =)