Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Half Birthday

Last year we decided that since Moses' birthday is just one week before Christmas, we would celebrate his half birthday with a very small family party and perhaps one gift every year. It's really no fun to get ALL of your yearly presents in a one week period - by June a guy can be itching for some new toys. :)

So of course, I was totally unprepared for his half birthday this year. I realized the date around 3 pm and was lucky to have a chocolate cake mix in the cupboard. I threw together a half cake - put some batter in one cake round, cut the finished result in half, slapped some strawberry jam in the middle, and voila:
(I'm afraid this picture is not very appealing - it was taken in the mad rush to get the cake finished and dinner on the table while holding a fussy baby.) Then of course there were three and a half candles to blow out (just pushed one really far down into the cake...), and we had a party. It wasn't much, but Moses got a kick out of it. That should get us through to December. :)

PS - I can't believe I didn't do a Father's Day post! Shame on me - it was wonderful, Brett is wonderful... I hope yours was wonderful too.

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