Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Plans

Yes, I have lots of summer plans. Plans of things to make for the shop, improvements to make to the house, organization plans... I'm really good at planning. :) Maybe not so great at actually executing. BUT this summer I definitely plan to make jam. Lots of it. It looks like we're going to have a huge apricot crop, and since I'm the only one around here who likes apricots (besides the birds), I'm going to make myself a lifetime supply of apricot jam. Keep growing little guys!


Amy Q. said...

Feel free to pass on a fabulous apricot jam recipe. My dog is in the backyard making herself sick on apricots as we speak... :)

emgray said...

OOO --- I love apricot jam too!

Suzanne said...

We are also down to our last few jars of apricot jam, and will be cranking out fresh jars of it like mad this summer. It's my hubby's fave. (I am literally not allowed to buy store jam.)