Monday, January 25, 2010


I'm so excited to finally have these in the shop and be able to show them to you. I've been working on these fabric garlands for a while, and spending even more time trying to take good pictures of them. I LOVE how they turned out, plus they are really fun to make. My entire hutch is buried under a huge pile of fabric strips waiting to be turned into flowers.

I've finished a few garlands in different colors and fabrics but haven't had enough good outside light to photograph them. As soon as the sun comes out I'll get them listed in the shop! Can't you picture one of these hanging in a little girl's bedroom? (I, of course, can only imagine what it would look like, since all we have around here are boys, boys, boys.)

I hope you like them - lots more coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Very cute!

PJ said...

I LOVE these; if I ever have a girl, you are TOTALLY helping me decorate :)