Friday, January 15, 2010


It is late Friday morning and the little guy is taking a rare early nap while big brother is having a "big day" with Grandpa. So here I am, having just pieced a lovely little quilt, with time to blog at a normal day-time hour. Thinking ahead I realize that we have NO plans tomorrow, nowhere to dash off to, which means a leisurely breakfast with daddy and plenty of coffee after that while the boys play on the kitchen floor. It is one of those moments where I feel so full of contentment and joy with the little life I have, so grateful to have this wonderful family and live in this tiny little house in the "country." I hope you have a chance to enjoy the little things in your life today, and have a wonderful weekend!


PJ said...

I love the lazy days where we just get to enjoy our kids -- sometimes the best ones are when we never go anywhere, but play around home all day!

Jen Mc. said...

Ahhh...isn't that the truth! So beautiful. j.

Anonymous said...

cute picture...cute boys...wasn't Saturday a beautiful to 'just be'?