Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today my friend Deni dropped off a stack of Ladies' Home Journal Needle & Craft magazines from the 70's for me to have. These things are amazing!!! I picked up the first one, opened it at random, and saw my next project:

Isn't that long rug to-die-for?!?! I am determined to make it (of course, I should probably finish the 7 other big projects that are sitting around first to keep my husband from having a panic attack...) It is made using a knitting spool - did you have one of those when you were little? It looks like a mushroom with 4 hooks around a hole in the top, and you basically make a thin knitted cord with it. My mom bought me one when I was in Jr. High (maybe that's one of the reasons I'm drawn to this rug). You make something like 900 lengths of cord, curl them up into round coaster-like "patches," then sew them all together. I adore it! The colors, the texture... everything about it is perfect.

Of course, the magazines are full of awesome and sometimes funny sewing projects. I thought these hikers were pretty hard core. (If I ever wore a bandeau on a hiking trip I'd get poison oak for sure, so this chick impresses the heck out of me.) And this girl just cracks me up with her heart knee socks - so cute!

I'm so glad I wasn't too snobby to assume these magazines would be full of "old fashioned" boring projects. Each one is a treasure and an inspiration. Thanks for thinking of me Deni!

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PJ said...

So fun! You inspire me to learn a craft :) I have a dozen different sets of knitting needles; maybe I'll dig them out and learn to knit ... or dig out my sewing machine, get it fixed and start seaming ;)