Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sisters' Reunion 2010

Every other year my mom's sisters and all their daughters and daughters-in-law meet up in Ashland, OR for a reunion. Aunt Dolly hunts up a new fantastic house for us to stay in each year, and this year's was the best yet. Every room was painted a different bold color with the walls filled with paintings by the woman who owns the house. It was so inspiring - I came home wanting to paint the inside of our house purple or something (but I won't).

Of course, the best part of the reunion is the company - it was SO wonderful being with my four aunts, so similar to being with my mom. It was like filling up a little part of me that has been running on almost empty. We went to Shakespeare's Twelfth Night one evening, and spent the entire rest of the time sitting around chatting, doing a huge jigsaw puzzle, perusing the shops down town, listening to Kerry and Susie play piano and flute duets, and working on unfinished hand sewing together. Just lovely, and since I've never even had one wild oat to sew, it was my perfect weekend.

This year my cousin Jen of An International Tea Moment brought all the goods to host a fabulous tea party. I'm not talking about a big pot of Red Rose tea, either. She brought three types of very rare loose leaf tea and taught us the best way to brew them. She also made all kinds of tea sandwiches and other treats. Aunt Dolly had been scouring local thrift shops for tea cups and saucers, so we all got to drink out of our very own "Ashland 2010" tea cup.

Every second of the trip, including the drive, was relaxing and sustaining, and I came home feeling totally revived. I feel so blessed to be part of such a wonderful family of strong Godly women - I'm already looking forward to Ashland 2012!


PJ said...

sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

It WAS such a wonderful weekend! You have provided the perfect description with the perfect pics. Hope to see you again very soon!

Jen Mc. said...

Just awesome! If we move to the great city of Phoenix/Portland/Durham/Lehi we should totally do this in like fashion with ALL THE LADIES in the off years! (I am dead serious about that one!). Starting in 2011, mark your calendar!

Suzanne said...

That's amazing. How wonderful to be a part of such a fabulous tribe of women. Yay for strong families... =)