Sunday, October 10, 2010

Photo perfection (if I may say so myself...)

Today I used my dad's Nikon DX to snap these photos of items for my shop, and let me just say: WOW. That is one nice piece of equipment. I had no idea that a better camera could take such higher-quality pictures. This first one is the newest set of coasters I've just listed.

Here are a few Christmas ornaments. I am already getting excited for Christmas - is that crazy? We're hoping to make more gifts this year, which means getting a move on right now! It also means that I'm hoping to have some more Christmas items listed in the shop soon. And I think I will be taking their pictures with my dad's camera. And maybe saving my pennies for one of my own...

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Kate said...

Those ARE great pics Heather! It is amazing what a nice camera can do for sure. (although your previous pics are always wonderful too) I'm saving for one also! You beat me to posting Christmas ornaments! Yours are super cute! I'm just doing letters but similar style to yours. :) Can you believe we're working on Christmas stuff already??