Monday, October 25, 2010

Stockton Halloween Fest

This year we were invited to my sister-in-law's mom's famous Halloween party - and boy, it is famous for a reason! Their house is gorgeous to begin with, and every square inch of the inside was decorated to fit the theme, complete with two 10-foot black Halloween trees and giant stuffed tarantulas all over the place. (One of the things I really appreciated about the party was that none of the decorations or activities were scary or gross at all - everything was silly and in good taste for a kids' party.)

After driving the outdoor race cars, jumping in the bouncy houses, getting temporary air-brush tattoos, and sitting in the photo booth, it was time for the candy hunt. The boys were pretty excited:
Across their expansive lawn, they had scattered hundreds of tiny plastic pumpkins, each of which had candy inside. There were lots of kids there, and it was so cute seeing them in their costumes picking up candy like it was the greatest treasure on earth (which, of course, it is to a 2 year old).
Dinner was pizza and ribs, dessert was cupcakes. I mean - how much more perfect can a party get? It was a wonderful time with wonderful people.

Oh, and yes, Moses is a scarecrow this year, by his own request. I spent an entire morning sewing real hay into a pair of overalls and flannel shirt that I bought at the thrift store. Of course, this meant neglecting Titus, who was happy to throw the extra hay all throughout the house while I sewed. Titus is a cowboy - I made him a pair of chaps from some cords (also from the thrift store) but we forgot to bring them to the party. Hopefully I'll have a better picture of them after "real Halloween," because I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. This was my first year making costumes, an activity that has never appealed much to me. But I actually had fun doing this and am proud of the results. How about you - do you make your kids' costumes?


PJ said...

Sounds like a great party! :) I don't make my son's costume, he's wearing the exact same monkey suit we bought for last year -- b/c it still fits & he really wants to be a monkey & it seems a great way to get our money's worth out of something we bought for him to wear once! Maybe someday I'll actually make him something ... it requires a lot of planning ahead - I'm not so good at that ;)

Anonymous said...

"expansive lawn" is an understatment! What I wouldn't do for a back yard like that!! What a fun party. Your boys look adorable, as always. ~emgraymail

Heather said...

Hi Mary! Yes, and that is only HALF of the lawn. On the other side of the driveway is more lawn just as big as the one pictured. Pretty incredible.

Anonymous said...

they look absolutely adorable in their costumes! and what a fun looking party. i've always wanted to go to a masquerade type ball on halloween, it would be so much fun. have fun trick or treating!