Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Goat Birthday Party

Lest you begin to think we are high-brow around here after my last post, I thought I'd share what we did after we got home from our weekend at the W in San Francisco. We went to a goat's birthday party. Yep. Little Man turned one, and we were invited - got an invitation in the mail and everything. Of course we brought a gift - Saltines would have been better, but Ritz crackers are a close second when it comes to goat gifts. Here is Moses presenting the birthday boy with his present.

Little Man was a very gracious host - he even shared his birthday cake with his Aunt Angelina and allowed his other goat friends to eat the decorations. We weren't the only guests, either. All of the other "hill people" (that's what we humans call ourselves up here) came bearing gifts as well. The only snafoo occurred when Lamb Chop (who is MUCH bigger than Little Man and Angelina) decided to take a running charge at Moses, who went flying into a shed, banging up his elbow pretty good. Maybe she was jealous or something, but I sure was tempted to turn her name into something a little more literal. Ah, home... :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather! OT to this post, but we were at my mom's in Modesto today and a friend of hers stopped by, bringing us fresh eggs! Made me think of your story, so I retold it to my mom's friend, John. He's lived his whole life on a ranch there, and said with this experience with laying hens -- the one that keeps poking holes in the eggs CAN'T BE REHABILITATED :-), and she should probably be dinner very soon... talked about brood hens and laying hens, but hey -- I'm with you, and they're not my favorite critters. Although it was sweet to bring home a dozen fresh eggs!

Just thought I'd pass that on! Love reading your blog. Your little guys are just so precious.

Donna Albert

Jen Mc. said...

That is very funny! And wow, a present- I've never considered goat party etiquette before! :)