Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Underwear Power!

Somebody is on day two of potty training, and I am glad that I had the wisdom NOT to blog yesterday, because today I can say that I am thankful for potty training. I am thankful that potty training kept us at home all day today, resulting in one of the most relaxing, fun days we have had in a long time. I am thankful that potty training forces me to spend hours sitting on the floor next to my little guys (one on the potty, the other on the floor) playing Legos rather than cleaning. And I am thankful that we live where there is lots of grass that needs to be, *ahem*, watered.

We found a tree in the far corner of the property that we had actually never played under and it was the best discovery of the day. I love the colors of the lichen growing on the weathered grey bark.

The boys ended up having an hour-long wrestling match in the long shiny grass while the dogs dug a huge hole in search for gophers and I sat in the sun. Seriously the perfect day. Thanks potty training!

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