Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Handmade Kids Valentines

This year I have enough experience to make Moses' class valentines a few weeks ahead of time. Making him sign his name on 15-plus cards the night before he has to take them to class seems more like punishment than a fun activity. So this year he's going to do a few each day and hopefully it won't feel like a chore.

I made little heart-shaped lacing cards which he's going to lace up and sign. Very simple. It occurred to me that we could include a piece of yarn with each one and let the recipients lace the card themselves, but Moses is excited about the "sewing part," so I'm going to let him do it.
While I was cutting these out and he was deciding which little hearts to glue on which big hearts, I realized that I only have a few more years before making pretty Valentine's will seem pretty uncool to him. How sad! I have to take advantage of these innocent years while I can and he's sitll not afraid to admit that the purple paper is his favorite.

Here are a few more handmade Valentine ideas that can be done with kids - even young ones:

Flower Lollipops
Thumb print Valentines
Popsicle Stick Heart Puppets
Fabric & Yarn Cards
... and more!

Are you making Valentine's Day cards this year? I certainly haven't done it every year - years when I've been either pregnant or had a new baby I've LOVED the simplicity of picking up a box of cards at the drug store. :) But I think Moses likes giving handmade ones more - they are more special to him.

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Anonymous said...

so sweet! especially from a little boy. my h has always made hers but the boys "must have" race cars or mario so they are thrilled with the store bought box! ~emgray