Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Are you doing something special today? Is somebody doing something special for you? I have a few little plans for the 3 men in my life, nothing fancy and certainly nothing girly. *sigh* But I'm not going to let the lack of estrogen around here stop me from having a frilly pink Valentine's Day! I painted my fingernails last night, and today I'm sharing a few of my favorite Valentine's Day inspired finds with you. I'm not usually a huge fan of pink, but I've fallen in love with this vintage tea set. So simple and frilly.

Continuing the tea theme, I love this photo by Elle Moss - makes me think of all things girly. You can purchase one for yourself here. (Psst - she's having a 40% off sale on prints through Valentine's Day - that's something to love!)

This tiny cake stand is just too cute - wouldn't it make your Valentine feel special?

Speaking of cake, isn't this the cutest idea ever? I'm definitely going to put bunting on the next cake I make.
And of course I can't let you go without mentioning my lavender sachets - the perfect little way to spoil yourself or a friend. I have tons of these in my "unmentionables" drawer and it makes me feel pampered every time I see them.

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