Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Terrific Two's

You know the age: suddenly they know more than you, have an opinion about everything, and don't need help with anything. They are the world's best clothing stylist (camo, plaid, and stripes: yes please!), and the rules of time and reality no longer apply to them (yes, I will take 15 minutes to put on my shoes, and yes, I can breathe under water in the bath tub.) While it can be a little frustrating (especially if you are the 5-year-old big brother), I find this age to be both delightful and hilarious.

As part of his 2-year-old liberation strike, Titus has come up with a handful of catch-all phrases that he sprinkles into daily conversation, regardless of whether or not they fit the context of what is going on. They are: "d'ever I want," "not AT ALL," "I can't whistle," and my personal favorite, "Mommy's in charge!"

For example:
You: "Titus, how old are you?"
Titus (sadly): "Um... I can't whistle."
You: "Oh, ok. But how old are you?"
Titus: "Um, Moses do whistle but I can't whistle. Not AT ALL."
You: "Cool. But how old are you?"
Titus (indignantly) "Ine two-anna-haff d'ever I want!"

The other day, after sitting down at the table and surveying the brussel sprouts and chicken I had made, he said emphatically, "I don't like this, don't have to eat it d'ever I want. Mommy's in charge!" (Unfortunately for him, the last part of his argument trumped his first two points.)

Or how about this:
Titus: "There is two Lego Lands!"
Moses: "No there aren't. There's only one Lego Land."
Titus: "No Moses! NOT AT ALL! There is two!
Moses: "Titus, that's silly. There's only one."
Titus: "Moses! There is TWO D'EVER I WANT! MOMMY'S IN CHARGE!"
I mean, sheesh, don't bring me into it...

I'm sure there will be plenty more silly two year old themed posts coming up. We have a chatterbox in the family. D'ever I want.


Anonymous said...

Hm....Titus is right! there are 2 Legolands...one in southern California and one in Denmark (which I have been to!). I have not been to the one in So. Calif., but I bet your kids would love it.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! And you should be commended for looking at the joyful and humorous side of mothering a 2-year old! your boys are blessed. ~emgray

Suzanne said...

I love two. Seriously. The stuff that comes out of a two-year-old's mouth is better than any stand-up by an adult. I can listen to it all day... d'ever I want.(you are in charge.)