Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This pile of pretty little fabric scraps was saved from death at the dump by my mother-in-law and given to me. I love looking at each tiny little piece - every one is different. Today I got the urge to sew some of the longer strips together. No particular rhyme or reason here; I just liked all the different blues and purples, shapes and sizes. This is what the pile became:

So now what? This needs to become something, but I haven't figured out what yet. I suppose the obvious, and my usual fall-back, would be a little quilt. But I'm feeling like making something else, something I can sit with for a while. I've been inspired lately by Ms. Horner's fabulous needleworks... perhaps a hand-embroidered pillow? Or a hand-embroidered... something else? Hm... as if all this busyness needs any more color. Anyhow, those are my crafting thoughts of the day. Scattered as usual. (I started the day at the fabric store buying backing material for two different quilts I've pieced and need to finish. You can see how far I got on those projects...) Any suggestions for me?


Kayteedids Couture said...

Heather, your vision astounds me. A true artist!! :) I don't know how big the rectangle is but I saw a pattern for a Bible cover. Or do your embroidered pillow idea but use the striped piece for the backing and embroider on a piece of muslin? Whatever you do with it will be gorgeous for sure!

Jontal said...

The center of a table runner? Attach two longer pieces of neutral fabric to the sides and leave the color in the middle.

Cindy said...

I think you should sew a million strips together into a wide long scarf that is this long:

And on the backside put that same supersoft material that I think you put on the back of your baby blankets. That would be super cute and warm for winter!

Suzanne said...

I heart those colors. Beautiful.