Friday, November 11, 2011

A birthday buddy and a hand-made nap

Today our littlest member turned 3, and I was finally able to give him his present. I made this little guy, pattern courtesy of Bit of Whimsy, a few weeks ago, and have been peeking in at him in his hiding place every day since. He makes me smile. And even though Titus said "Where's mine udder presents?" as soon as he opened this guy, he has been carrying him around the house in a loving choke-hold ever since. At nap time I captured this heart-warming photo:

I just love that he is under the quilt I made him, holding the dinosaur I made him. So special to me. I love you Titus!


Jen P said...

This is just the sweetest! Happy birthday, Titus! I can't believe you are 3!
Heather, your boys are so lucky to have such a loving and creative mommy.

Jen Mc. said...

Happy birthday, sweet Titus! We miss you and can't believe you are THREE!!! Geesh, you were just born! We hope he had a wonderful day!!! What a wonderful new friend you have in that dinosaur!!
Lots of love!
Keefe, Elle, Madison, Jen, Kevin!

liamsmom said...

Love it... love it love it love it~!!!!!

liamsmom said...

love it love it love it

Anonymous said...

Darling! Your boys are richly blessed with a mom like you. ~emgray