Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My dad has a gigantic crop of leeks and carrots right now - he and I agree that my pilfering from his garden is actually doing him a huge favor. The other day I picked these beauties - the purple and green things at the far left are Dragon Tongue Beans from my own garden. I do love California - I'm not sure if many people are harvesting green beans this late in November. I sauteed the leeks up in coconut oil with diced fennel bulb and thyme and it was delicious!!! It was my first time ever using leeks, and I think we have a long happy relationship ahead of ourselves. Good thing, too, because there are about a million more out there. (And in case you are wondering, those red things are Atomic Red Carrots, not radishes. Cute, right?)

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Jen Mc. said...

How neat! You should post a pic when you cook with them! I'm not sure what a fennel bulb is, but I have friends here who love cooking with coconut oil (one says if she spills any, she just wipes it up with her arm- ha!). Anyway, so happy for your wonderful produce turnout!! We're going to a farm tonight to check out a local dairy and hopefully catch a hay ride! :) (And Keefe still wonders when he gets to have a sleepover with Mose! I think we definitely need to plan a camping trip!!).