Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I have been in love with Pinterest for a while now - it is such an easy way to organize and hold on to all the great things I find on the internet. I used to "bookmark" things, but had no idea how to even find them afterwards. Pinterest makes it all so much easier. This week I've made this soup from a Rachael Ray recipe I found on Pinterest:

It was DELICIOUS, and I would have never known it existed if not for Pinterest. Tonight we had pizza on cauliflower crust, thanks to this awesome recipe:

Another huge success - even the most anti-vegetable member of the family scarfed down a huge plate-full. I ate way too much and I don't even feel guilty because I know my stomach is full of cauliflower (and I didn't even put cheese on my pieces, so it was basically all baked veggies!). I have a bunch more recipes "pinned" to my cooking board on Pinterest waiting to be tried out. I might not have a cell phone that works, but I sure feel modern with all this pinning I'm doing. :)


Jen Mc. said...

Maybe you can tutor me in pinterest. It looks so random/chaotic! So many people love it that I'm obviously missing something great about its org potential! Love these recipe ideas. Tried last night the amazing: 2 boxes raspberries, 4 Tb. melted butter mixed w/ 1/2 c. agave nectar, w/ 1/2 c. whole wheat flour. Bake 35+ min. Fantastic! Is there a glut-free wheat that works for you?

Anonymous said...

I'm a secreat pintrest-er! For me, it's all about bookmarking my recipes. I'll have to take a peek at yours. = ) ~emgray