Friday, February 20, 2009

Fresh Air

Which is worse: an actual fever or cabin fever? This week we're learning that both are bad, but a combination of the two is just about lethal. Today, which is day #4 of Moses' actual fever, the sun came out, and so did we. It was lovely - definitely still winter out there, but an early California spring is threatening.
It's so amazing to watch otherwise healthy kids deal with sickness - it makes you realize that we are not born with the propensity to feel sorry for ourselves. That is an adult problem. There was my very sick 3 year old playing around in the mud and crawling through bushes as if nothing was wrong with him. After about an hour he stopped and, sucking a very grubby thumb, told me "I'm sweaty!" Sure enough - the Tylenol had worn off. So it was into the bathroom, wash up, lots of hand sanitizer (that's his new favorite thing!), more Tylenol, and down for a nap. That one hour was nice, though - fresh air is good for the soul.
I hope you're having a wonderful germ-free Friday!

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