Tuesday, February 3, 2009

These Cookies DO Mean Love

What's that saying... food isn't love? Something like that. Well, in my mind these cookies ARE love. My dear hubby recreated them for me after I was reminiscing about the first time I had them.

I was 8 and my mom was pregnant with her fourth child, my third brother. My mom had TERRIBLE pregnancies. If any of you have known me during my own pregnancies, just picture that, ten times worse, and for nine months straight. She was desperately ill, and I honestly don't remember ever seeing her during that pregnancy except for the one terrible time emblazoned in my mind when she calmly leaned to her left while chopping celery in the kitchen and simultaneously threw up in the kitchen sink, then kept right on chopping as if nothing had happened. I'm sure I saw her other times during that pregnancy, of course. But I really only remember hearing her - my room was across the hall from the bathroom.

In the food arena, those 9 months are a dreary blur of cheerios for breakfast, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Oreos for lunch, and "Papa's bachelor slop number (choose 1-4, all of which have a macaroni and cheese base)" for dinner. I'm surprised us kids didn't get scurvy from the lack of produce. But then there was that one glorious day when Pam Eaves, my surrogate mother, brought us dinner. Actually, there were a lot of wonderful people who brought us dinner, but this is the one I remember. Not because of the dinner, which I'm sure was delicious, but because of the cookies, each of which had an entire Hershey's kiss in the middle of it. A cookie and candy in one! It was fantastic, and so comforting to be eating food made by a real, non-barfing woman. Ah... love.

Sweet Brettie made me a batch by using a Snickerdoodle recipe and omitting the cinnamon, then sticking a Kiss in the middle of each as soon as they came out of the oven. So so good!


emgray said...

What a hubbie! Those look delicious! Sweet story too -- I'm sure Pam will be touched you remember that.

Jen Mc. said...

You are a fantastic writer. (If not, try and explain my tearing up while simultaneously laughing during this read :)). And I am totally inspired now. May make these for Kev tonight!

Suzanne said...

My mom made these every year for Christmas. They bring me sweet memories of childhood. I loved them warm, while the chocolate was gooey. Mmmm. Yum. (a little ironic that the security word I'm being prompted to type is "lickin".)

Anonymous said...

Try them with a peanut butter cookie base. That way you get the PB and chocolate deliciousness that equals true bliss!