Monday, February 2, 2009

Junie None in Action

Lest you should think I just make this stuff and never use it... this is the original Junie None patchwork play mat. (See Mary - we do have one!) I made it for Moses before he was born and we use it all the time - today it got barfed on thrice. :)
And here is my coaster - yep, I managed to sneak in a cup of tea at the computer while both boys were in the process of not napping. It was a quick cup of tea. 
However, due to the 3 year old not taking his nap (and I fear this is the beginning of the end of those glorious days), he was off to bed well before 8 and I have time to write this post, brew up another cup of tea, and enjoy it this time along with hubby while we watch something mindless on tv. Ah, the good life. :)

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emgray said...

Ooo -- I love his tiny little hand gripping his beloved junie none play mat! (I always love your photos!) I'm happy to hear of Titus' raving endorsement -- barf is the highest form of baby flattery. I will be buying one just as soon as I find out what my sister is having!!