Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Hat That Wouldn't Be Loved

Though you look cute on top of his head
He only will wear you with dread.
Your colors of orange, blue, and teal
Do nothing but cause him to squeal.

The hours that I spent making you
were wasted, I say. Yes, I do!
I could have been cleaning my car,
running errands in town near and far,
or better yet, taking a nap
instead of creating you, cap.

It's as if you're some torture device
created to scare away mice,
cuz the sound that you precipitate
wouldst cause them to evacuate.

So from now on when I get the urge
to go to the yarn store and splurge
I'll simply look at my dear son
and remember that caps ain't no fun.


John & Kate said...

Is there anything you CAN'T do Heather? knit, sew, bake, write poems! Very creative like your fun to see your talents. :) (and cute Titus!)

John & Kate said...
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Jen Mc. said...

Ha! I love this. (There is some evidence here that you have been reading a lot of children's books... :))
And the hat is gorgeous. Sell 'im!

Suzanne said...

You're a dang poet, and don't even know it. (Or maybe you do.) You're hilarious, and frankly too cool for me.

emgray said...

CUTE hat! Bummer he doesn't care for it but it makes for a better story (and poem!) that way.