Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Holy Fiber Attack

Over the last two days I have had one mission: use zucchini. My dad's zucchini plants started going crazy at the same time as ours, and it seems that the farm air is making them huge. Since we both planted about three times the amount of plants we expected to survive, and since the vermin went after the corn and sunflowers instead, we are now faced with a bit of a zucchini plague. Seriously, these things are enormous.

I have made several batches of pureed zucchini into baby food, made about a dozen loaves of zucchini bread, and grated it into pretty much everything we've eaten for dinner over the last few weeks. If you know me, you know I'm in heaven - I've always wanted to "live off the land" and we've be doing just that. Titus did poop 6 times yesterday - I think the combination of zucchini and pureed apricots has kicked his system into over-drive.

Yep, we have just as many apricots as we do zucchini. I discovered that pureed apricots make a really nice substitute for oil in baking recipes. I usually substitute apple sauce for oil, but the apricots work just as well. I'm gearing up to make jam, but I'm always a bit scared to get started on that project. Hopefully I get myself going on that before they all go bad.

Oh, and I just have to say that I LOVE my Vita Mix blender. That thing could pulverize a cantaloupe. Thanks Grandma!


Jen Mc. said...

Great photo with Titus! :) And thanks so much for sharing the zucchini wealth with others!!!!!!

Suzanne said...

I just read that you can shred it into one cup measurements and freeze it... zucchini bread all winter long!

Someone who can "live off the land" and look super cute in a strapless dress? Sorta my hero.

PJ said...

Oh man - you are so lucky! I've always wanted to "live off the land", too :) And putting pureed and grated veggies into everything is totally my thing! I love that you do it, too! The diapers are a bit challenging at time- tee hee