Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lazy Afternoon

This is a picture of Moses' room. I started redecorating it when I was pregnant with Titus and got as far as hanging these paper lanterns when I got put on bed rest. It isn't as finished as I want it to be, but I love the look of the afternoon sunlight on the wall next to the jumbled book shelf. Very kid friendly and cozy.

The boys and I are sick today - having a cold in the middle of summer feels so insulting. But it has forced us to have a day at home, laying around and playing. As I write this Moses is asleep in the middle of the living room floor and Titus is sitting next to him playing with a basket of toys. Pretty sweet. Makes me almost forget that I'm sick.

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pam said...

sick? in the summer? that's just wrong! Hope you're all feeling better soon!

So, I made your calzones tonight...well not exactly like yours, i used pepperoni, and black olives...and CHEESE! Yummmmm! They were a hit! Thanks for the Bridgeford Dough tip...who knew?!? Well i guess you. :)