Monday, July 6, 2009

Scenes from Vacation

Oops - did I go out of town without telling you I was leaving? Sorry - I was excited! (And trying to get the house clean.) Here are a few snapshots of our trip.

Breakfast on the deck - one of the best things EVER!

Silly boys ready for the lake.

Love, love, love.

Nice to be back - hope you are well!


pam said...

you guys are all so stinkin' cute!!! So glad you were able to get away...those times are precious.

emgray said...

Your boys are just so dang CUTE! And happy, happy, HAPPY! Priceless.

PJ said...

I agree - such an adorable family. Glad you had fun and prayers for you all getting better quickly!


Jen Mc. said...

That breakfast looks amazing!
-(Not even hungry?) pregnant lady

Suzanne said...

Holy moley, you guys are the most adorable family.

Glad you had nice break! And cute pics to show for it...