Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Busy Season

I seem to be in (another) phase where I can't seem to get everything done. Or is that the way the rest of my life will be? I'm actually getting a lot of sewing done, but my poor blog has been neglected as a result. Lots of projects are getting completed: the hutch is covered with almost finished or need-to-be-photographed items for the shop ... but the hutch is COVERED. *sigh* Life could be much worse, couldn't it? :)

On a different note, if you are a sewer or want to be, or just love looking at beautiful pictures of other people sewing, you must read Anna Maria Horner's recent post on hand quilting - it is totally inspiring and downright helpful. Someday I will make a huge quilt just for me and hand quilt the whole thing. Maybe when I'm 80...

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