Thursday, April 22, 2010


Today Titus and I played with buttons, a long-loved activity in our house. For whatever reason, my boys LOVE playing with collections of tiny, should-probably-be-off-limits things. Moses used to pick them up one at a time and place them into different toys - cups, little dump trucks, upside down hats, and so on. Titus likes to scoop a big handful into an empty cup then hurl the cup across the kitchen floor and watch the buttons explode all over the place. (Tells you a bit about their different personalities, doesn't it?)

I have a huge stash of buttons, old and new, and today I was particularly fascinated by them. They are so pretty and quirky! Since I had my camera with me and lots of time to take pictures, you get to experience our afternoon of buttons too.

This color combination caught my eye - orange and purple. If I could go back to childhood I would totally have an orange and purple room.

All the pink and purple buttons in a pile. How could something so simple be so dang pretty?
All the green ones. I love that every single shade of green matches with every other shade of green. You just can't go wrong with green. Hopefully I haven't bored you to tears - but I am totally delighted with these button pictures!

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Mandy and Seth said...

simple pleasures. ah. i love buttons too. my mom used to have a jar that i would play with too. now i have a jar and i still dump it out and run my hands through them on occasion.