Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ho Hum (aka "at least the house got vacuumed")

Our Day so far:

1:30 am - wake up when baby cries... he goes back to sleep on his own. Mommy doesn't.
2 am - Check on big brother who is coughing up a lung in his bed. Bring him water, etc.
5:45 am - wake up when Daddy sneaks out the door for work
6:30 - baby cries a bit more but falls back to sleep. So does mommy (hooray!)
8:00 (WHAT?!?!) - both boys wake up having slept in MUCH later than usual. Mommy makes celebratory breakfast of French toast.
8:15 - change baby's diaper
8:45 - Mommy cleans French toast off baby, floor, table, high chair, and herself. Decides to skip a shower and makeup - wrangles hair into some sort of contained situation.
9:00 - Get everyone dressed. Change another diaper.
9:15 - 9:45 - Simultaneously do dishes, break up fights over toy cars, vacuum, dispense vitamins, brush teeth, and make important Junie None phone call.
9:50 - Head out to the car. Scold dog, save baby from falling into pond, tell 4 year old repeatedly to get into car and sit down, explain to baby that he will have to wait to eat crackers.
10:05 - Turn on car, drive 40 ft. down driveway. See wild turkeys in Papa's garden. Stop car, send 4 year old into pasture to chase the birds away.
10:07 - After brandishing a fist at retreating turkeys, 4 year old heads back to car, drenched from the armpits down in dew. Drive 40 ft. back to the house, run inside, grab change of underwear, socks, pants. Run back outside to running car and change 4 year old on driveway. Strap him back in. Baby is legitimately hungry now, so dash back to the house, grab a box of crackers, run back to the car, give food to baby.
10:18 - Drive down the hill.
10:32 - Arrive at in-laws' house. Get out stroller, load up kids with promise of playing at the park mid-walk. Begin walking.
10:37 - Get caught in downpour. Turn around and begin running back to in-laws' house.
10:38 - Phone rings with important Junie None business. Take phone call while running up hill in pouring rain.
10:40 - Rain stops. 4 year old convinces me to head back for the park. Turn around.
10:47 - Get caught in another downpour. Scrap the park idea completely. Turn around again.
10:48 - Rain comes down even harder -put down the rain shield on the stroller
10:49 - Rain comes down even harder - begin running
10:51 - Phone rings with important Junie None business. Take phone call while running up hill in pouring rain
10:52 - Briefly consider explaining to customer that no, I have not been running in the rain this whole time, but decide the explanation is weirder than her thinking that I regularly run up hill in the rain with my sick kids for fun.
11:00 - Arrive at in-laws' house soaking wet with a stroller full of two sick and disappointed kids.
11 - 11:30 - Grandpa saves the day by playing with boys while Mommy throws socks and sweatshirts into dryer.
11:31 - Realize that clothes are not drying. Put wet things back on, load up wet stroller, repeatedly tell 4 year old to get into car and sit down, explain to baby that no, he can absolutely not have any more crackers. Strap everybody in.
11:45 - Drive through McDonald's.
11:49 - Head up the hill. Notice that baby is falling asleep in car seat which will ruin his nap, so begin giving him the forbidden crackers to keep him awake.
11:50 - Congratulate self on grabbing the WHOLE BOX of crackers rather than just a few.
11:51 - 12:03 - Simultaneously hand baby crackers, close and open chicken nuggets box, explain why Happy Meal came in a bag rather than a box, and evade mother deer with 2 babies in road while driving.
12:04 - 12:20 - Arrive home. Unload everybody. Get into house. Warm up food for baby. Have long discussion with 4 year old about the fact that "I haven't had Ranch Dressing since I was a kid" means that I DID eat it when I was a kid, not the I wasn't allowed to eat it as a kid. (?) Try to feed baby, give up, put him down for a nap.
12:21 - 1:30 - Eat lunch, clean Ranch Dressing off table, floor, chair, 4 year-old, and myself. Make muffins. Put together puzzle of United States. Put away puzzle of United States. Read library books. Put 4 year old down for rest time.
1:32 - Feel guilty about neglecting blog. Decide to write a boring post about what happened today.

The end.


PJ said...

Sad to say, but sounds like a reasonably fun day for a mom of two! My day is simple -- 7:00 wake up. 8:30 take a shower. 9:00 go back to bed & stay the rest of the day.

I know it can be trying, so hang in there. I'm praying for you :)

Jen Mc. said...

This is really funny! Needs to be printed out and put in a family album, "Classic Days."

Mrs. Cupcake said...

And you stopped at 1:30? There were still plenty of hours of exhaustion left to post!

I thought it was a great post, btw.
It says to me I'm not the only one....

Heather said...

Yes Pamela, definitely better than being sick! I hope I didn't sound like I was complaining - I actually found the entire day to be amusing and we did enjoy one another. It is just amazing sometimes how much effort goes into getting nothing done! :)

PJ said...

Heather, I didn't think you were complaining, and I didn't mean to come across that way either. It sounds like one of those funny 'mom' days that needs to be recorded, like Jen said :) This would be good reading for anyone who thinks being a mom is 'easy'!