Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine's Day Project for YOU

Here's an idea that will get you in the mood for Valentine's Day - spruce up your lingerie drawer! (Or create one, as I had to do, since I formerly had an underwear/bra/jammie-pants/tank-top/receipt/bobby-pin drawer.) This is such a simple way to pamper yourself, not to mention an organization must.

First of all, you have to line your drawer with something fantastic. I looked and looked for drawer liners that were beautiful and modern, but everything I found that seemed promising was sold out (seems I'm not the first person with this idea!). However, making your own drawer liners is as easy as a trip to your local Paper Source. They sell a HUGE variety of gorgeous papers, some of them as large as 12"x12". Some of my favorites:

So, after you decide on what to line your drawers with, buy a few sheets of it and place it in the bottom of your drawer, you need a way to keep all your fancies from becoming a jumbled up disaster, like this:

And here is your answer (and it is on sale for only $5!):These drawer organizers are sold at The Container Store and are possibly the best organization invention EVER. And the magic they can work is evidenced by the after picture of Miss Anonymous Underwear Volunteer's after-shot:

Wow! It looks as if she threw away all her old maternity underwear and size C and D bras, finally accepting the fact that she is now an A-and-a-half, and can now locate everything she needs at a moment's notice! I bet she is pretty excited about her new lingerie drawer (if not totally excited about the bra thing). And I bet she is hoping her husband is reading this because she could sure use some new fancy stuff!

All that is left is to tuck in a few lavender sachets to keep things fresh and smelling wonderful. I happen to know where you can get some of those, too. :) Let me know if you do this project and I'd love to see pictures if you're brave enough!

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emgray said...

I NEED that organizer!! I MUST get that organizer! Please pass on my gratitude to Miss Anonymous for such a great idea and photos to prove it.