Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Hike

How was your weekend? We had a really great one - first of all because Daddy, who had planned on working on Saturday, decided to stay home because he "likes eating a special breakfast as a family on Saturdays." How great is that?! After pancakes and coffee (adults only, of course) we headed to Penetencia Creek to go for a hike. Here I am rocking our awesome old-school purple baby backpack, complete with kick-stand.

It was a gorgeous day - so nice to be outside after being cooped up due to lots and lots of rain. Titus' favorite part was the meadow of wildflowers we found. He could have sat there for an hour touching them. We found puddles to jump in, hills to run up and fall down, and even built a bridge across the creek using logs and rocks. I love that feeling of getting back into the car all wet, muddy, hungry, and happy.

In a season where money is tight it was wonderful to have a super fun family outing that cost us nothing. We're hoping to do lots more budget friendly activities as "winter" eases into spring. How about you - any family activities to share?


emgray said...

It was a gorgeous weekend! Glad you took advantage of it with a family day. That's the best! And is that Titus walking, I see?! So cute!

PJ said...

So beautiful and special - glad you could enjoy it!