Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Birthday Brother

Moses turned 6 (SIX!!!) a few days ago, which, of course, meant that I had to make a big brother dinosaur for him. I wasn't sure if he was too old for mommy-made toys, and almost decided not to make this guy. But, a few days before the big day he looked up at me and said hopefully "Mom, are you making me something for my birthday?" Geez, twist my arm. :) So, as I was frantically sewing dinosaur eyes around midnight, I asked my husband if he thought Moses would like the dinosaur. It was a rhetorical question. Maybe I should start saying that before I ask those types of questions. Anyways, this is the first answer I got: "I don't think I was still playing with stuffed animals when I was six." Hm. This is the second answer I got: "I mean, actually... six? Oh, yeah, SIX. Yeah, I think I had stuffed animals when I was six. Yes. Yes, I definitely had stuffed animals on my bed when I was six. He'll love it."

So, it was with some trepidation that I handed this guy over to Moses to be unwrapped the next morning. As with Titus' dinosaur, I had braced myself for a polite smile from the birthday boy as he shunted past my painstakingly handmade gift in favor of the new legos. BUT, he opened his dinosaur, screamed "I LOVE IT!!!" and forgot that he had another gift. Success! He and Titus got a big kick out of having matching dinosaurs, and that night Moses wrapped his dinosaur up in a blanket and laid it on the pillow next to him. I'm so glad I stayed up late making that guy. If you want to make one you can find the pattern and LOTS of other cute patterns here. Happy Birthday Mose, we love you!!!


Jen Mc. said...

Too sweet! :) Merry Christmas, you guys!!

The Luecks said...

AWW. Happy Birthday Moses!

South Bay Ladies' Tea Guild said...

So cute. Definitely a success!