Monday, December 26, 2011

In summary:

Boy am I blessed.

Our Christmas was lovely, how about yours? Among the usual favorite things, like sitting around a cozy fire in pj's well into the day exchanging gifts, laughing, and hanging out with family, there was the added bonus of little people thoroughly enjoying handmade gifts. Moses was thrilled with his quilt - mostly because of the camouflage backing fabric I used:

And, in spite of dipping Little Hoot's bottom into a puddle of melted wax after blowing out a candle, Titus was thrilled to death with his tiny felt animals.

And now we have a whole week more of relaxing, spending time with family from out of town, and enjoying not having to dash off to anything in particular. I have been struck this season with how very busy we have been, and how in need of a real break we all are. The kids have not once asked "what are we doing today?" like they usually do on the rare day we have nothing planned. I think they are really enjoying the down time. The amazing weather has been an added bonus, and a new crossbow and excavator (kid versions, of course) nearly put things over the top. I am so thankful for this little space of time to do, well, nothing. Or at least, less than usual. I know vacations are a luxury and am feeling extremely grateful. Hopefully you are getting a little break as well...

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